Currently working on Chloris.

The common thread running through the Chloris series is a curiosity to perceiving well known themes but provide an intimate experience generally invisible to the human eye. The idea is to examine the importance of color in our perception of beauty as well as to uncover the combinations of colors and shapes found in plants that subconsciously influence art and design. These carefully prepared photographs of individual flowers set upon a black velvet background evoke emotion and cartograph evolutionary history as well as futurism and the sensation of the weightlessness.

Through The Lens

This gallery is an excerpt, an insight into my work and a collection of some of my favorite shots from throughout the years. I’ll periodically update this selection of macro, portrait, street, nature and conceptual works.

Robert Lawrence Price II is a photographer and multimedia artist based in Oranienburg, Germany. Robert loves working with photons and has chosen photography as his primary medium of expression. In his collection of works Robert combines his skills in a moody but consistent fashion. Creating a unique miscellany of images and objects that portray the artists over laying theme of the nonlinear nature of the human experience, a technologically driven excitement for the future, expressed emotionally in his universe of conceptual imagery, mixed-media objects and multimedia installations. Personally referred to as his Sci-fi daydream.